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It doesn’t take much for a few people to get together and make something good happen; all it requires is for those people to get on and do it in the first place. I’ve been involved with Music In Monmouth since its formation 2005. Despite many people in Monmouthshire and beyond enjoying the benefits of our activities relatively few people know about the organisation.

This is not particularly a problem as we exist to fulfil our output and have no need for any great public acknowledgement. However, it might be worth laying our a few sentences of clarification and some examples of the type of performance we encourage, and where to find out more about it.


Formed in 2005, Music in Monmouth is a community arts group with a mission to bring new, original music events to the widest possible audience in Monmouthshire. Our website is

A major purpose is to present arts, particularly music, which is outside of most people’s listening experience. At an affordable price, usually free, so that people have a chance to experience a much wider spectrum of musical experiences. It is both artistically enhancing and educates a future audience; breaking away from the ‘I know what I like’ mantra and the  channelling effects of  streaming media. We are generally self funding and enjoy support from some local philanthropists.

Some Events

Over the years we’ve put on many alternative gigs; typically one a month. To name a few: The recent “Voices of Monmouth – together/Lleisiau Mynwy – Gyda’n Gylidd” at St Mary’s Church, Monmouth, Billy Jenkin’s “Big Fight” at the Blake Theatre, “The Big Clutch” at the Queens Head. As well as a world class jazz, new and experimental music program at that venue, such as “Get the Blessing”, “Partisans”, “Eugene Chadborne”, “Trevor Watts”, “Paul Dunmall”, “Sean Noonan, “Alex Ward”; the list goes on and on.

At the most recent event I gave an introduction to the evening’s proceedings and also what we are and why we do it, so here’s a rough video of the occasion:

… and here’s the audience/performers. A wonderfully cohesive evening!

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