Lleisiau Mynwy – Gyda’n Gilydd


As Chairman of ‘Music in Monmouth‘ I’ve been searching for a means of bringing together various musical groups and I’ve think we’ve found a means. “Voices of Monmouth – Together” is specifically for and by the people of Monmouth. A performance of contemporary music with various choirs, singers, musicians and participants from the town. Several accomplished players from South Wales will also take part. The intent is to bring together members of Monmouth Male Voice Choir, Community Choir, Choral Societies, Theatre Groups, Singers and Players from the schools. Also any local amateur singers and players who wish to take part.

The choral pieces will be simultaneously in English and Welsh. The form lends itself to multiple languages being used.

“Voices of Monmouth – Together” performance will be ‘in the round’ but the audience will be surrounded by the players and singers.


The evening consists of a performance of Cornelius Cardew’s “The Great Learning: Paragraph 3”.  Performed by combined choirs and orchestra from the local community. Acclaimed Cardiff based composer, Ashley John Long, starts the evening with a new piece. A virtuoso double bass player, Ashley will present the piece in person with two other professional players.

Graphical scores will be used throughout. All participants and the audience will get copies. They will also be projected on several screens around the venue.

The reasons for choosing Cardew’s piece are many: The emphasis of this piece is self discovery within a community (of musicians). It is self-educating, playing something very simple yet, when taken seriously it produces a totally new experience. For the musicians for most of the time they are playing one note. Listening to their own note production and how it blends with others. For the singers the words are sung to a proscribed pitch but the tempo and the words that are chosen from the lyric sheet are the decision of the individual singer.

September will be the month where all the recruitment needs to take place so busy times ahead. If you want to be part of this then please sign into “Voices of Monmouth – Together / Lleisiau Mynwy – Gyda’n Gylidd”

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