The Mire Archive – Film Premier

Making a feature film takes a long time so I’m really pleased to see that Eclectic Films are launching “The Mire Archive” on February 1st 2020. In their true spirit of collaboration and community they have decided to stage the world premier at Wales’ oldest custom built cinema, The Savoy Theatre, Monmouth. Its a free screening for everyone

Mire Archive Invite
An open invitation to the Premier

So, why am I writing about it? Well a couple of things. When the Directors told me about the project some while back and we often talk and watch old art cinema together, I thought I’d got some studio recordings which fitted the bill – too right! When I played the tracks it was if it was purpose written, which is such a rare thing.

Importance of suitable music

My favourite film of all time is Werner Herzog’s “FitzCarraldo”, I identify with the Klaus Kinski character so much its painful, but I have one excruciating criticism; when they travel up river in the Amazon they hear drums. From Burundi for goodness sake!!!!!!! Knowing this loses the plot for me for 3 minutes, otherwise it would be a perfect parody of my life.

Being an extra

The second aspect is that I’m in there as an extra. It was meant to be in the middle of Winter in a pub so everyone was dressed up in their woollen clothes, hats, gloves, boots and a raging fire was on the go. As it happened it was almost Midsummer’s Day and absolutely sweltering. I was part of a troupe of mummers complete with Mari Llwyd, playing the Tarogato. I remember we (ironically EIRA/Snow;) had a gig afterwards so it was a full-on day. Great fun! If you are around come on to the premier!

Lyndon as a Mummer
Bedecked with cow horns and Tarogato at the ready
Mari Llywd
Always have a soft spot for a Mari Llwyd – us strange Welsh people

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