Maurice El Medioni Film

We (EIRA/snow) have been working with Eclectic Films. They have produced “Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental”, a 56 minute film about Maurice, his life and music. Here’s the PR:

Fleeing the conflict in Algeria in 1962Maurice went on to become the godfather of PianOriental and is still playing around the world with Jewish and Arabic musicians.
“Jews and Arabs share the same musical story. We, the Moors, Arabs and Jews were kicked out of Spain in 1492 and in our baggage was the same music.”

The directors, Lynda Myer-Bennett and Clive Myer are present and talk about the project in the interval.
The second half is a performance by Eira/Snow. World Jazz multi-instrumentalists Lyndon Owen and Caractacus Downes. Eira/Snow have been performing their exotic blend of Celtic, Scandinavian, Spanish and Middle Eastern influenced music at festivals, clubs and churches all over the UK for almost 10 years.
They have added some new Arabic material to their repertoire specifically for this performance.

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